Aircraft Documents Specialist 300



A thorough understanding of aircraft records and documents is imperative in today’s world of aircraft operations. Business Aircraft Record’s Certified Aircraft Documents Specialist program specializes in equipping today’s Aircraft Maintenance Professional with the knowledge needed to become a leader in this industry; understanding the documents our industry uses every day in the specialized field of aircraft maintenance.


To become a Certified Aircraft Documents Specialist; you must complete all ten (10) of Business Aircraft Record’s courses; demonstrating a thorough understanding of these documents, their use in our industry, and how and where to look up information when necessary. 


This course will benefit A&P Technicians and Students, IA’s, Repair Station Technicians and Inspectors, Repairmen, and anyone needing a better understanding of aircraft documentation or are contemplating working with these documents in the future.

Certification – All Ten Courses

Larry Hinebaugh
Larry Hinebaugh