Whether it’s the original Type Certificate for the aircraft; a Supplemental Type Certificate issued after the original TC; the accomplishment of a Major Repair or Alteration; or simply the addition of a PMA part: chances are good that an Instruction for Continued Airworthiness (ICA) will be generated as a result.

Unfortunately, many of these ICAs are often lost or ignored all together by maintenance personnel assembling the aircraft’s paperwork after the modification is complete and never integrated with the aircraft’s maintenance program.

Regrettably, the result is that many aircraft are lacking vital inspection information they are required to keep in order to maintain the airworthiness of the product for its intended lifetime, and in the majority of cases … the aircraft itself.


The objective of this course is to better understand the relationship and importance of the aircraft’s original Type Certificate and the on-going maintenance and modifications a typical aircraft experiences in its lifetime. This information forms the basis for the requirement to document and amend awareness to the aircraft, or any of its systems, affected by the change.

This course covers normal aircraft modifications including: TCs, STCs, Form 337s, and ICAs; and how this documentation is to be handled and administered for the life of the aircraft.


This course will benefit A&P Technicians and Students, Repair Station Inspectors and Technicians, Repairmen, and anyone needing a better understanding of TC’s, STCs, PMA, or Form 337s, and the requirement of integrating the resultant ICAs into the aircraft’s maintenance program.

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TCs, STCs, Form 337s and ICAs Course

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Larry Hinebaugh
Larry Hinebaugh

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