The aviation maintenance records and documentation requirements of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14CFR) are extremely important to know and understand for anyone involved in aircraft maintenance. Part 91 General Operating and Flight Rules regarding an aircraft’s maintenance, and what constitutes an Airworthy aircraft, affect every aircraft mechanic, owner, and pilot-in-command of any U.S registered aircraft. These rules apply whether the aircraft is operated under Part 91, 125, 129, or 135 regulations.

Knowing these rules and regulations is an important part of maintaining and operating these aircraft. With respect to the documents and records of the aircraft: the difference between these being handled correctly, and handled incorrectly, can not only mean the difference between the aircraft being Airworthy and at its best value, or not airworthy and of negligible value; it can also mean a productive and successful career in aircraft maintenance; or fines, imprisonment, loss of license, or even worse.


The objective of this course is to gain a better understanding of the maintenance records and documentation required to operate a U.S. registered aircraft. A thorough knowledge of these requirements can be of great benefit when having to make a critical or airworthiness decision regarding an aircraft under your authority.


This course will benefit A&P Technicians and Students, IA’s, Repair Station Technicians and Inspectors, Repairmen, and anyone needing a better understanding of aircraft maintenance records and documentation.

Bruce Spaulding

Bruce is a twenty-year veteran of the US Armed Forces where he worked on various military and civilian aircraft, eventually earning his Airframe and Powerplant License. Upon retiring from the military, Bruce began instructing at a well-known Aviation School teaching various courses on aircraft documentation, records management, and logbook discipline. While working in the US Military, and even after-words as an A&P Instructor, Bruce continues to consult with various Part 91, 125 and 135 Operators on the proper management and administration of aircraft records and documentation. With a drive to teach both beginning and seasoned aircraft maintenance professionals in the care and handling of the important documents we use every day in business aviation, Bruce joined The Foundation for Business Aircraft Records Excellence as its primary Instructor for BAR’s Educational Courses on Business Aircraft Documentation and Recordkeeping.

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