Aircraft logbooks: they’re usually found in paper form; in many cases are full of hand-written entries; are put together in various formats, shapes, and sizes; are often falling apart due to wear and tear; are typically unorganized and chaotic; are difficult to understand; and are often times missing critical information altogether. But this shouldn’t be the case. One easy way to overcome many of these limitations is to scan the original paper records; put them into a usable and understandable electronic format (in compliance with the FAA’s guidance on electronic recordkeeping); make them searchable with an electronic search engine; and have them to use and have as a back-up for the life of the aircraft. Or, even better, create an Electronic Record Keeping System for the aircraft and maintain this electronic record properly to avoid the many pitfalls encountered today with aircraft records.


The objective of this course is to get a better understanding of what is involved in developing an electronic back-up for an existing paper record or moving into a new Electronic Record Keeping System for your aircraft. What the FAA’s position is on Electronic Record Keeping; Electronic Signatures; and how an FAA sanctioned electronic records back-up can be used to replace a missing or damaged paper record when the need arises.


This course will benefit A&P Technicians and Students, Repair Station Technicians, Repairmen, and anyone needing a better understanding of electronic aircraft records or are contemplating establishing an Electronic Record Keeping System for their aircraft’s maintenance record.

Bruce Spaulding

Bruce is a twenty-year veteran of the US Armed Forces where he worked on various military and civilian aircraft, eventually earning his Airframe and Powerplant License. Upon retiring from the military, Bruce began instructing at a well-known Aviation School teaching various courses on aircraft documentation, records management, and logbook discipline. While working in the US Military, and even after-words as an A&P Instructor, Bruce continues to consult with various Part 91, 125 and 135 Operators on the proper management and administration of aircraft records and documentation. With a drive to teach both beginning and seasoned aircraft maintenance professionals in the care and handling of the important documents we use every day in business aviation, Bruce joined The Foundation for Business Aircraft Records Excellence as its primary Instructor for BAR’s Educational Courses on Business Aircraft Documentation and Recordkeeping.

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